how to find alpha on twitter

6 ways find best Alpha on Twitter

Use Twitter Lists

Basic tip to start with to find alpha on twitter, but most can’t be bothered to do this. You need to organise these lists by category so you can quickly scan different sectors, chains etc. We will making my lists public in the coming weeks.

Use Tweetdeck

This is essential if you want to organise the crypto content you are seeing. You can add anyone’s public lists to Tweetdeck columns. You will not be able to maximise the effectiveness of lists without using Tweetdeck columns. Additional column tips: Add cash tags you would like to monitor as columns, but modify the settings to try and filter the most engaging tweets. E.g. minimum 10 RTs/likes etc I mute various words such as giveaways, competition, whitelist etc. This helps to cut out noise.

Sometimes it is also worth adding key narratives as columns. e.g avax subnets, eth merge, stablecoin wars etc. This will help you see how strong certain narratives are. Put key individuals and accounts on notifications. Speed of information in crypto is massive. Even more so if you are a trader. Have the main accounts of all your investments on notifications. This is a simple one, but so many people don’t do it. A few days ago Terramoney tweeted they had purchased $100M worth of $AVAX & announced a strategic collaboration with Avalanche. Seeing this quickly would have given you a clear long opportunity. This also works with individuals on the timeline as well. You will have to figure out who those individuals are. But be careful who you choose. e.g. not BitBoy.


IFTTT is an incredible tool that allows you to automate actions across apps, devices and services.

Tip 1: You can use IFTTT to save tweets featuring specific content to a google spreadsheet. This can work for any topics you want to stay on top of. e.g. any tweets containing StarkNet

Tip 2: IFTT can send a notification every time a new tweet matches your search query. I have used this to monitor anyone talking about projects that I thought were under the radar & wanted to make sure I was aware if any big accounts started to mention them.


Monitor Chad Follows

@chad_follows tweets the handles that the biggest accounts are following in real time. You will find interesting people to follow. You will see who the biggest chads in the space are following. You will find projects early.

Bookmark Tweets

Get in the habit of bookmarking good tweets/threads, so you can read them later. There will be a good thread on almost every trending crypto topic. You can’t read them all in real time. Review all of your bookmarks at the end of each week.

If you can’t be bothered with any of the above, then just consume The Daily Ape.

@darrenlautf captures most of what’s happening in this space on a daily basis.

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