How to flip NFTs for profit

How to flip NFTs for profit

Flipping NFTs for profit is the safest way to make 10x gains if done correctly. The best strategy to flip NFTs is to mint and sell pre-reveal. I’ve had consistent success doing this. It’s low risk, and anyone can do it.

If you dont know what NFTs are, may have a look at this artice here.

The Strategy

The flipping strategy is simple. Mint a decent NFT and sell it at or near the peak of its hype. Most NFTs reach this point right before the reveal. After the mint, NFTs tend to go for a premium on Opensea. The goal is to capitalize on this premium. Essentially you mint the NFT and list it almost right away. Either within a few hours, or within a few days, depending on when the reveal is.

Identifying flippable projects

Look out for hype projects. This is where you can make massive gains. NFT projects that sellout usually sell for a premium on Opensea initially. Discord and Twitter are your friends here. In general, concentrate on projects with 20k+ on both Twitter and Discord. Get on Discord. Have some conversations to see if people are interested. It’s possible that there are a lot of bot accounts. A lot of people are just there because they were invited to help a friend get a whitelist spot (a lot of projects give away whitelists for inviting a certain number of people). Be flexible when identifying good projects. They don’t have to be the best of the best. They just need to have sellout potential.

Getting whitelists

Most worthwhile projects sell primarily through pre-sale or whitelists. Moreover, public sales are hard. It’s hard to actually get the NFT. Even if you’re able to get one it’s often not worth it. You could end up spending a lot on gas wars. Getting whitelists is usually a grind. Either you have to play games, win competitions, or invite people onto the server. Inviting people is definitely the easiest. This is where you should spend the most time. Other than that you just have to grind. The best advice I have here is to make sure you’re fast. Make sure you secure your whitelist spot before it closes. Say you have to grind to level 10 by sending messages. It would be terrible if you got to level 9 and suddenly the whitelist closed. All those hours would go to waste. Networking is my favorite way to get whitelists. If you already own an NFT see if there’s an alpha group on the discord. Reach out to other holders. Even if you don’t have an NFT try to find a good alpha group on discord. Work together here. I’ve been given a lot of whitelist spots, and I’ve been able to find out about projects early enough to grab them by networking. Twitter is a great place to network. Reach out to people. One thing I love about the crypto space is that everyone is super welcoming and helpful. I’ve been able to talk to people with 200k+ followers and get advice + insights. Definitely leverage Twitter.

Minimizing risk

To maximize gains with the pre-reveal flipping strategy, we have to maximize the success rate and make the process repeatable. When you mint, the floor price on Opensea should be higher. Ideally, the floor price – gas fees should be at least 20% higher. Often people undercut the floor and it could dip. This gives you wiggle room and gives you a high probability of turning a profit. Don’t be the first to mint. Wait for at least half of the whitelist to mint before you. Often a large portion of the whitelist decides not to mint. If that does happen, you could be left with a low-value NFT. Make sure there’s decent volume on the project’s Opensea before you mint. This ensures that you’ll actually be able to sell. There should be at least a few sales every hour. SELL PRE-REVEAL. It is possible that you’re giving up an ultra rare NFT. But this is rarely the case. More often than not you’re better off selling pre-reveal and taking profits early.

Following the right people

Following the right people can help you find out about great projects early. They’re also always sharing great knowledge.

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