There is not much to do since Liquidbox is a plug & play solution but here is a small guide to get your node up and running in no time.

Quick Start​

Quick Start


In case you cant reach your LiquidBox at http://umbrel.local after 5 minutes, use the IP of your Liquidbox instead.

Install Bitcoin App

Once you installed the Bitcoin App, it starts syncing the Bitcoin Blockchain. It will take time, I know, but be patient. It will get through, no worry. Don’t do anything (stupid) until is ready and 100% synced. The sync could take up to 5 days depending on your internet speed. 

Install Lightning App

Now install the Lightning Node App. Start the app and write down your personal Seed! Save this in a very secure place. Never share this Seed somewhere or your funds will be stolen!

Open your first lightning channel

Open your first lightning channel with us!

bitwater lightning


If you need more support with your LiquidBox please feel free to contact us via E-MAIL or join the Discord Server.

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