The Nerdminer V2 Pro

A super small Bitcoin lottery miner that only uses 1 watt!

Nerdminer V2

What is a Nerdminer?

The Nerdminer V2 Pro is the ultimate micro Bitcoin lottery mining solution. The Nerd Miner V2 tries to solo mine a Bitcoin block on its own. This means you have a chance to win the full Bitcoin block reward of 6.25 Bitcoin + transaction fees while supporting the Bitcoin network with hash power while only using 1 watts! Think of it as a lottery ticket for Bitcoin that you can use from your desk. Every 10 minutes, you get a new chance to win!

This exceptional product will not only bring a sense of adventure to your life but also provide you with the opportunity to solo mine Bitcoin right from the comfort of your desk. It’s like having your very own Bitcoin lottery ticket with a chance to win every 10 minutes with every new block, forever!

Every Hash Matters!

The Nerd Miner V2 offers more than just aesthetics. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to actively contribute to the strength and security of the Bitcoin network while not breaking the bank. Each hash generated by the Nerd Miner V2 serves as a building block that strengthens the decentralized nature of Bitcoin. Its compact size ensures to fit any space and the low power consumption of only 1 watt ensures energy costs remain well within your control.

The Nerd Miner V2 goes beyond mere functionality – it’s a visual masterpiece that adds a touch of elegance to your desk. Its sleek and compact design seamlessly blends into your environment, making it a captivating centerpiece and conversation starter. Whether placed on your desk or proudly displayed in your collection, this little gem is guaranteed to turn heads and ignite curiosity.

Easy setup!

The Nerd Miner is a plug-and-play solution. Setting up the Nerd Miner takes only a few minutes. Connect the miner to your WIFI network, enter your Bitcoin address, and it starts mining immediately. It’s set to mine on the solo CK pool, but you can change to any pool you like.

No need for tricky setups. The Nerd Miner makes everything easy. Just plug in, follow the simple steps, and start mining. Get your Nerd Miner now for hassle-free Bitcoin mining.

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