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Take control of your finances and join the exciting world of Bitcoin and Lightning Network with the revolutionary LiquidBox V3 Ultimate. This plug & play device empowers you to run your own Bitcoin and Lightning node effortlessly from the comfort of your home.

By becoming a part of the Lightning Network, you can earn Bitcoin by routing Bitcoin payments through your node. Each payment you successfully route rewards you with a fraction of the transaction as a routing reward. It’s the simplest way to generate passive income in Bitcoin!

  • Intel N5105 – 4 Core CPU
  • 16 GB Dual Channel RAM
  • 2TB NVMe SSD
  • 3 x USB 3.0
  • Gigabit Ethernet

LiquidBox is designed to offer the safest and most cost-effective solution for running your own node. Enjoy the convenience of accessing your node from anywhere in the world while ensuring top-notch security through the TOR Network. Connect your mobile wallet to make lightning-fast payments directly from your phone, leveraging the privacy and security provided by your home node.

With its super quiet operation and low power consumption (averaging just 8-10 watts), the LiquidBox seamlessly integrates into your home environment without causing any disruptions. You’ll hardly even notice it’s there while it diligently works to strengthen the Lightning Network.

Embrace the future of decentralized finance and take control of your financial destiny with LiquidBox. Run your Bitcoin and Lightning node effortlessly, earn Bitcoin rewards, and contribute to the growth and security of the network. Experience the power of being your own bank with LiquidBox.

1 review for LiquidBox V3 Ultimate – Bitcoin and Lightning Node

  1. Sebastian Werner

    Very good hardware! Also Citadel OS is very simple and easy to understand. Sync of the Bitcoin blockchain needed less then 24h.

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