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Increase the Power in a Sleek Design with the Nerdminer Quatro.

This state-of-the-art device encapsulates four Nerdminer Pro units’ strength into a singular, streamlined design. Furthermore, a single USB connection powers it. You can unlock the potential to access the 6.25 Bitcoin block reward every 10 minutes, with an impressive energy efficiency of just 5 watts. As a result, you can experience the thrill of “bitcoin lottery mining” like never before.

  • 4 Nerdminers in one device#
  • Only 5 Watts
  • Single USB-C Power connection

Designers had modern aesthetics in mind, ensuring the sleek and silent profile fits perfectly in any environment, be it your office or living space. Its user-centric design guarantees a hassle-free setup in just 3 minutes. Simply connect to your Wi-Fi, enter your Bitcoin address, and embark on an unparalleled mining adventure. This makes it a must-have for both seasoned miners and enthusiasts looking to expand their collection.

Additionally, we stay true to our commitment to transparency and community collaboration by keeping all software and components of the Nerdminer Quatro open source. The dedicated and ever-growing Bitmaker community backs this. Delve into the intricate world of Bitcoin mining, relish the journey, and own a piece of mining legacy.

Join our vibrant Nerdminer community, a hub for enthusiasts and experts alike. Here, we unite through a shared zeal for Bitcoin mining. With the Nerdminer Quatro, you invest in more than just a device; you step into a realm of unparalleled simplicity, efficiency, and power tailored for home-based Bitcoin mining.

We deliver each Nerdminer Quatro to you fully assembled and ready for action. Our detailed guide ensures you’ll be set to mine in a mere 5 minutes. Dive into the future of mining with the Nerdminer Quatro today!

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